The Workshops

The workshops will be held for two days in each country. The two days are set up the same way in each country with a slight difference in timings. The workshops focus on different aspects of the business and participants can participate in one or both days.

Day 1 - The business side

This is the day we focus on everything related to the business. Branding, packaging, getting your product to market, how to get your products on shelves, accounting etc. These are all important steps in getting your product from the kitchen to your potential customers.

Day 2 - The production

This is the day we focus on the production. Do you know how to use the right equipment, can you improve your production method, are you able to work with other people in the kitchen and more.

The dates for the workshops are as follows:

Helsinki, Finland
Day 1:
26th of October @ 10-15
Day 2: 27th of October @ 10-17

Reykjavik, Iceland
Day 1: 2nd of November @ 13-18
Day 2: 3rd of November @ 10-17

Stockolm, Sweden:
Day 1: 9th of November @ 15-20
Day 2: 10th of November @ 10-17