Applications are being reviewed

A huge thank you to everyone who applied for a spot at the Nordic Kitchen Workshops in Finland, Iceland and Sweden!

We are thrilled with the responses and received 50 applications which are now being reviewed. Applicants will be contacted directly in the upcoming days so please monitor your e-mails.

Please note, the deadline for the workshop in Stockholm, Sweden has been extended until the 28th of October so hurry up and apply now!

For further information, please contact us at nordickitchen[@]

Great Opportunity for Food Enthusiasts

Food enthusiasts can rejoice. A joint Nordic initiative called Nordic Kitchen is coming to Helsinki, Reykjavik and Stockholm in October and November 2018. The project gives individuals with food related ideas a chance to test them out in a two-day workshop with professionals in the industry, free of charge! Application deadline is October 14th.

The food scene in the Nordic is facing new challenges with increased demand for sustainability, full utilization, limiting food waste, increased popularity of pop-ups, street food vendors and food halls with limited space. These ventures need space to test ideas and move forward, but they do not need the facilities 24/7.

By providing culinary entrepreneurs the opportunity to test out their ideas and get them to market with cost effective measures, we increase the likelihood of these products scaling and being potential products for export or production in different areas. This is how shared commercial kitchens will maximize utilization of the facilities and minimizes costs for everyone involved.

This is where Nordic Kitchen comes in. The project aims to test out the shared kitchen facility concept and work with several individuals at a time.

This concept has proven very successful in the United States and given individuals a chance to get their products to market with more cost-effective measures.

The initiative is operated by Sweden Food Tech, Arctic Startup and Michelsen Confections and sponsored by Rising North.

Click here to read more about the project.